Common Questions

What is Lensmob?

Adding photos to a shared album on Lensmob is as simple as sending an email. Lensmob photo albums come with an email address, that you pick, and any photos emailed to that address are automatically added to the album. Lensmob makes it easy for anyone to contribute and simplifies the collection of all photos taken at a group event (e.g. Birthday Party, Wedding, etc.). Lensmob doesn't require people to create accounts or install an application, this makes it easier for more people to participate in shared albums. Try it out.

Why is Lensmob different?

Lensmob doesn't force people to create an account or install an application in order to add photos to a shared album. This simplicity increases the chances that people will add photos and results in more complete shared photo albums.

Can I bulk upload photos to an album?

Yes, if you log in to your Lensmob account you can upload photos in bulk to an album.

Who controls what photos appear?

The album owner has complete control over what photos are in a Lensmob photo album. For example, the album owner could remove a blurry photo that was added to an album by another person.

Can I export photos from an album?

Yes, you can download an export of all photos, in their original format, from an album that you belong to.

Who can see photos added to Lensmob?

Only people with a link to the photo album will be able to view the photos submitted. The album owner will have full control over what photos appear in the album.

What inspired Lensmob?

The Lensmob team were frustrated by how difficult it was to create a shared photo album of an event (e.g. birthday party, group trip, wedding, etc.). They realized that many photo services required users to create accounts or install applications before they could contribute photos. These onerous requirements reduce the likelihood of people contributing photos to a shared album. Adding photos to a shared album on Lensmob is as simple as sending an email.

Why use Lensmob instead of Facebook?

Facebook is focused on the sharing of content with people that are closely connected on Facebook. Lensmob allows people to create shared photo albums together regardless of how they are connected on social networks. For example, all the attendees at a birthday party may not be connected on Facebook but they would still like to build a shared photo album together, Lensmob allows them to easily do so.

How does Lensmob have my profile picture?

Lensmob uses Gravatar to obtain profile pictures based on a user's email address. You may have created a Gravatar profile picture while using another Internet service. If Gravatar doesn't have a profile picture for a user we display a placeholder image.

How much does Lensmob cost?

Lensmob is currently a free product.

Who created Lensmob?

Lensmob was created by three friends who met while working together at Yelp. You can learn more about the team here.